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The Builder

Your Challenge:

A builder had been operating for several years. The builder had revenue of several million dollars, but struggled with cash flow shortages between projects.  Additionally, they company often had issues forecasting job costs causing tension with the bank and investors. They were unsure of how they ranked among their peers and what they could do to be more profitable. Their margins fluctuated significantly between projects and even more between years.  The builder wanted to take his business to the next level but felt these challenges were holding him back. 

Our Solution:


Financial Solutions performed a historic analysis of three years of the  builder's financial statements. Financial Solutions was able to paint a clear picture to the builder about what areas were eating into his profits through performing an analysis over the expense areas of the company (material, subcontractors, labor, etc.) showing them as a percentage of total revenue. Then, using benchmarks for builders within his revenue range, Financial Solutions was able to show the builder which areas he within the market norm and which he was not. This information was eye opening to the builder.   Refer to an example of this analysis in the presentation below. Financial Solutions worked with the builder to procure a line of credit to help him with the cash crunches between projects and developed a cash forecast to allow the builder to plan for the future. Additionally, Financial Solutions did an audit of the builder's bid estimate template, working with the builder to more accurately reflect costs, build in company overhead and a healthy margin to allow the company to be more sustainable going forward. 

Dentist Chair_edited.jpg
The Dentist

Your Challenge:

A dentist purchased a practice several years ago and wanted to actively grow the practice.  He was considering expanding the physical location of the office which would require an investment of at least $200k-$300k. The dentist worked four days of the week in his practice, and spent one day a week as an associate in a different dental practice. Additionally, although he was profitable, he wondered how he ranked in relation to his peers.   Lastly, a large corporate dental office has moved close by. He was concerned that the corporate office would deplete his client basis. The dentist was looking for tools on staying competitive.

Our Solution:

Financial Solutions performed a historic analysis of three years of the dentist's financial statements. Financial Solutions was able to paint a clear picture to the dentist regarding which areas of the practice were improving and which were not. Additionally, Financial Solutions performed an analysis over the expense areas of the practice (labor, lab work, rent, etc.) showing them as a percentage of total production. This allowed the dentist to get a clear picture about which expenses were eating in to his profits. Then, using benchmarks for the dental field, Financial Solutions was able to show the dentist which areas he was spending more than the market norm and which he was not. This information was eye opening to the dentist, allowing him to no longer be a passive spender. The dentist know could proactively choose how to manage his expenses going forward.  Refer to an example of this analysis in the presentation to the left.


Financial Solutions then suggested that rather than investing hundreds of thousands into a major office renovation, the dentist should spend a fifth day in his office as well as increasing the hours the practice was open. This changed allowed the dentist to increase production significantly at literally a fraction of the cost of the major office renovation.  Then, through several brainstorming sessions with the dentist, Financial Solutions was able to determine which areas differentiated the dentist from his corporate competition and implemented several changes in the dentists website to ensure he was clearly marketing the aspects of his practice that made him unique. 

The Bakery

Your Challenge:


A Wholesale Bakery was paying their accountant over $20k with little to show for it. The owners only met with the CPA annually to discuss finances and where unsure if they were profitable. To muddy the waters further, the company recently opened a new part of the business and did not have the systems to break out the two parts of the business.  Operationally, the company was looking to hire and retain stronger quality employees while boosting employee engagement and morale.


Our Solution:

Financial Solutions assumed responsibility for the bookkeeping of the bakery, and leveraged their relationship with a Tax CPA to prepare the taxes. This alone saved the bakery over $10k a year.  More importantly, Financial Solutions scheduled monthly meetings with management to do an in-depth review of the finances. This Real-time accounting provided maximum financial visibility .  Additionally, Financial Solutions developed a process so that now the wholesale and retail sides of the business are shown separately. 


Financial Solutions also designed and implemented a strategy to improve profits and cut costs.

The strategy included removing problematic staff, while thoughtfully recruiting and hiring new workers that aligned to the overall strategy of the bakery. Additionally, Financial Solutions implemented a bakery wide weekly meeting where management discusses a weekly goal, provides clear feedback to employees and opens the forum to employees to field questions and concerns.  Due to the implementation of this strategy, profits of the bakery have grown, morale has improved significantly and the quality of the bakery has improved. Employees are now engaged and held accountable. The bakery is now provided products to Costco in addition to other large grocery chains.

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