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Accountability and Budgeting

Accountability is supporting you to stick to your promises to yourself and your company.

I had a call with a team of a potential client yesterday. We were discussing what it would look like to put together a budget for their business. After discussing the logistics, they asked me a real and honest question.

What is the point of putting together a budget if we still may not follow it, if we continue to spend without following what we committed to?

Love the honesty and realness.

Here's me being real as well.

A budget is a commitment to yourself.

Your goals both on sales and spending is your commitment to yourself and your business.

Life is about keeping promises to yourself.

It takes discipline. Discipline is hard. It is hard to feel constrained. It is hard not to do what you want as soon as you want it. I'M HUMAN TOO. I GET IT.

Here's what I now though-the people who keep promises to themselves end up happier and better. Period. Full stop.

And when we CFOFinancialSolutions work together to build your budget including your commitments to yourself and review it monthly:

I will call you out (nicely)

I will remind you of your goals and why you wanted them

I will problem solve with you

And I will work with you to adapt your goals if necessary

And with that support, you are more likely to keep the promises to yourself. But at the end of the day, it is your life and your business.

Could you use help setting financial goals and sticking to them? Let's talk. CFOFinancialSolutions

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