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Nine Lies About Work

Just listened to an HBR Webinar. Titled 'Nine Lies About Work'. See list of lies below. It basically calls into question so much of what large organizations hold near and dear. Key Takeaways:

-People care about teams, not companies. Companies are abstract and too distant from employees. -People need frequent attention from their leaders. Frequent, recurring meetings. People are desperate for attention.

-Life/Business is constantly changing. As a result, even the most incredible business plan is stale and not helpful. Additionally, trying to achieve the perfect work/life balance is futile b/c it assumes a perfect equilibrium which can never be sustainable.

-People are unable to give feedback to employees b/c each person only can present their personal perspective. It is impossible to give true feedback to a person. You can only give your perspective. Excellence is building on little pieces of good performance. Tell people what works good for you.

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