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Who We Are

Dan Katibian is the founder of CFO Financial Solutions. He is a CPA licensed in the state of Maryland. His focus is on improving profitability and cash flow for businesses with annual revenues of $1 million - $10 million. Dan uses financial analysis to identify the areas of the business that are hurting and develop a clear action plan to put these improvements in place. He then supports the action plan implementation through a series of coaching sessions. 

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Business Owners come to Dan frustrated by struggling with profitability despite years of owning a business. They feel like their years of dedication and risk have left them with little to show for it.


This is where Dan steps in.


Through working with Dan, business owners see benefits including:


•          Increasing Profitability 3%-5%

•          Setting SMART Goals

•          Reducing Risk and Removing Uncertainty

•          Decreasing Stress

•          Making Smarter Business


Schedule a call to learn more about how Dan can help you achieve what you thought was impossible.

A Few of Our Satisfied Clients
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"Dan Katibian has been incredible in helping AEG Contracting, Inc. with financial analysis and important business decisions.  Josh Steinharter, Owner of

AEG Contracting Inc."


"I have known Dan as a friend as an advisor to our company for over 15 years. He is astute, professional, knowledgeable and I would unstintingly recommend his services.  Isaac Wolman, CEO of Make it Real."


"Dan is a seasoned and talented financial professional. I have known him for many years and I truly appreciate and use his insight and advice. I highly recommend Daniel for his expertise and sincerity.  Andrew Singer, VP Constellation Energy."


"I recommend Daniel for small business advisory. He worked with us to determine and analyze the appropriate KPIs for our property management business. He was provided us with a format that allowed us to continuously monitor our results. Daniel is insightful and provides valuable information for operating our business.  Theresa Leatherbury, CEO Rachuba Group Management."


"Dan Katibian provided business and cash management guidance for one of my clients. His aggressive analysis and probing questions impressed me. Many small-to-midsized business owners are overspending in many areas and fail to grasp the nuances of managing their cash. Dan is an excellent resource to come in with fresh eyes and a sharp mind to look over the business and make actionable recommendations.  Rafael Mael, President Maelstrom."

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